How to throw: A Sushi Party

I have to say, sushi is one of my favourite foods. When I get the opportunity to prepare it all myself its greeeeat! So even though we are in Summer and we all love our BBQs and cocktail parties, I have to tell you sushi parties are just as sweet!

What I love about making sushi is that you can create some absolutely crazy ones or make them simple and classic, it all depends on you!

I usually make the sushi rice a couple of hours before making the sushi so that the rice is at the perfect temperature not too hot nor too cold. I cut up some cucumber, avocado, pepper, crab sticks and the freshest of fish. This time I also made some delicious tempera shrimps that I put in the sushi and served like that.

My suggestion when throwing a party like this, is to have some other Asian tapas for example dumplings or spring rolls, they work perfectly with the sushi and they distract the guests so you have enough time to create extraordinary sushi’s!



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